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Ex-TSA Screener Nna Alpha Onuoha Arrested For Making Threats On 9/11 Anniversary

A former TSA screener was arrested by a federal task force early Wednesday on suspicion of making threats and leaving a suspicious package at Los Angeles International Airport.

Nna Alpha Onuoha, 29, was recently suspended from his position and suddenly quit on Tuesday afternoon, according to FBI spokeswoman Laura Einmiller. Onuoha worked for the Transportation Security Administration since 2006.

The FBI launched an investigation Tuesday after he left a suspicious package addressed to another TSA employee at LAX headquarters. Einmiller said the Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad found it contained no explosives or other harmful substances.

Inside the package there was an eight-page letter in which he vented about his suspension and expressed disdain for the United States.

Later in the day, a man who federal authorities believe was Onuoha called the TSA and told an employee to “begin evacuating the airport.” The caller said he was watching so he would be certain if his request was carried out.

The same man called a second time to demand the terminals evacuated.

According to Einmiller, police cleared the terminals, but there was no threat present in the airport.

A search of Ouoha’s apartment turned up a note pinned to the inside of a closet. It contained “an unspecified threat citing the 9/11/13 anniversary,” Einmiller said.

Onuoha is held on suspicion of making threats, but charges have not yet been made.

Sources: Raw Story, Los Angeles Times


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