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Ex-Slaughter House Plant Manager Hosam Amara Admits to Harboring Illegal Immigrant Workers

Former Iowa slaughterhouse manager Hosam Amara admitted to harboring and employing illegal immigrants in a plea agreement filed Thursday.

Amara also confessed to conspiring with Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin for at least five years before the raid to knowingly allow and encourage illegal immigrants to work at the slaughterhouse.

Amara was the former poultry manager at the Agriprocessors plant in Potsville, which was once the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the nation.

Prosecutors are expected to dismiss 26 other counts against Amara for signing the plea, after he fled the plant during a 2008 immigration raid, was arrested in 2008 and was extradited earlier this year to face the charges.

"Just go ahead and leave and forget about everything here,” Amara recalled Rubashkin saying, who later gave Amara $4,000 for a plane ticket out of the country.

During Amara’s hearing attorneys are expected to argue over whether Amara obstructed justice, the number of immigrants he harbored, what his responsibility included within the conspiracy and the motivating factor behind his crime.

Amara will plead guilty on Friday to one count of harboring undocumented immigrants for profit, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

However, federal sentencing guidelines will likely call for a shorter time in prison.

Sources: ABC News, AP


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