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Ex-Sacramento Cop Given Life Sentence For Raping Elderly Woman

An ex-Sacramento police officer was sentenced to life for raping a stroke-disabled elderly woman.

Gary Dale Baker was sentenced to 62 years to life in prison on Nov. 10 for repeatedly raping a woman in her 70s, The Sacramento Bee report.

Baker, 52, served with Sacramento Police for more than 20 years before he was fired and arrested in December 2012.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Ernest Sawtelle described Baker's actions as "unspeakable" and turned him from "protector to predator."

“It is impossible for anybody involved in this case to imagine the depravity in one’s heart. It is difficult to imagine a more vulnerable victim,” Sawtelle told Baker. “You tarnished the badge for police officers everywhere. For your crimes, you will be sentenced to life in prison.”

Baker assaulted the woman, named by the courts as "Jane Doe," in November 2010, September and December 2012 at her apartment in a senior living complex. Baker was 49 and Doe was 75 years old at the time the first attack occurred.

Baker faced 10 counts, which included assault with intent to commit rape and burglary, charges of rape and forcible oral copulation. Jurors convicted Baker in July of all charges except for one allegation of forcible oral copulation in December 2012.

Doe suffered a stroke almost a year before the first incident in November 2010, where she lost much of her ability to speak or understand written and spoken words.

Family members of Doe testified during Baker's trial, claiming she called out "rape" and "police" and tried to communicate about the acts she had been forced to perform.

Linda Parisi, Baker's former defense attorney, argued Doe's aphasia made her reliant on gestures, single words, pictures, scribbled notes and sketches to communicate and family members' interpretations of them could not be reliable.

At sentencing, Sawtelle said physical evidence and Baker's admission of sex acts with the victim led to his conviction.

Baker maintained his innocence during the trial.

During the sentencing, the victim's son, Joseph Ramos, spoke directly to Baker, who sat quietly at the defense table next to his attorney, of his mother's suffering and strength.

“You have caused a lot of pain to my mother, but my mother is strong and our family is stronger,” Ramos said.

No official national statistics on elderly abuse exist, but available information from the National Center on Elder Abuse estimates between 1 and 2 million Americans 65 years and older have been injured, mistreated or exploited by someone from whom they received care or protection.

Sources: The Sacramento Bee,National Center on Elderly Abuse / Photo credit: The Sacramento Bee

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