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Ex-Reagan Adviser: Trump Sparking New Reagan Revolution

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According to ex-Reagan advisor Jeffrey Lord, Donald Trump is "reclaiming the Reagan revolution," says Newsmax.

Lord, a CNN analyst, made the comment after Trump's win in South Carolina.

"We are seeing the reclaiming of the Reagan revolution," he said. "It is now the Trump revolution."

Lord previously spoke highly of Trump, telling 1210 WPHT that he's the "voice of the people" in the current election cycle, according to CBS Philadelphia.

"I really do think that he is the candidate of change here, that’s what he represents to a lot of people. People are, I think it’s safe to say, fed up out there and one of the things that I think is very important and is really driving this is a political sense, you have the usual economic issues, which are huge, or as we say in Trump land, Yuge!" 

"Of course, foreign policy, ISIS, national security, all these kind of things, but I think what’s different this year is the absolute fury over political correctness, which I think has been building for years.”

Sources: NewsMax, CBS Philadelphia / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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