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Ex-Mayor Called 911 To Report Robbery, Claims Cops Beat Her (Video)

Theda Wilson, the former acting mayor of Kinloch, Missouri, claims that police arrested and assaulted her last Thursday after she called 911 to report a possible burglary in a vacant building near her apartment.

Wilson told Fox 2 News that when a police officer arrived, he planned to take her into custody. The officer was caught on video (below) refusing to read Wilson her rights.

After the Kinloch officer radioed for help, two police officers from nearby Bel-Ridge arrived. Wilson claims all three cops used excessive force and bruised her.

“The three officers wrestled her to the ground," an unidentified witness told Fox 2 News. "That didn't need to happen.”

Wilson was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for her injuries, and charged with resisting arrest. However, why she was being arrested in the first place is not clear.

Wilson and the Fox 2 News crew went to both police departments last Friday to get answers.

According to the Riverfront Times, cops blocked the driveway to the Kinloch Police Department and ordered Wilson to stop filming (video below).

Bel-Ridge Police Department Captain Dan Clyne told Wilson, “Well, they are not supposed to beat anybody, okay. All I know is that from what I was told is they attempted to place you in handcuffs and you resisted. They eventually got you in handcuffs, you were placed in a car."

Sources: Fox 2 News, Riverfront Times
Image Credit: Fox 2 News Screenshot


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