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Ex-Marine Shoots Would-Be-Burglar

A burglar received a painful surprise after breaking into a former Marine’s home during the early hours of Monday morning. Dan Reynolds, 31, immediately woke up when he heard a rock being thrown through his back bedroom window in his West Harris County, Texas home.

“I knew somebody was up to no good," he told HSCO

Reynolds grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and pulled the trigger at the man sneaking through the window, without saying a word. The huge blast hit the man square in the chest.

“He's not robbing me. He didn't say anything. I didn't say anything. I shot him and he fell back out the window and ran away,” Reynolds said. 

The burglar managed to get away by leaping over a fence, but Reynolds doesn't regret his actions.

“Some people protect their homes. If you come by and want to rob, people that's what you get. He probably won’t come back, but if he does, we'll handle that then," he said.

Reynolds was on alert because his home was burglarized a few weeks ago. He wasn’t home when someone broke in and stole “Laptops, tablets, stereo, phones, iPods, a TV,” and one of his guns. He purchased the shotgun after that first burglary just three weeks ago. 

In fact, Reynolds was so prepared for another burglary, he had a revolver on him when he approached the would-be thief with a shotgun. Reynolds carried the extra firearm in case he ran out of shotgun shells. 

So far, no arrests have been made and the burglar remains at large. He broke into Reynolds’ home wearing a hoodie.

Reynolds will not be facing charges for his actions against the burglar. Texas has laws in place that allow people to defend their property with potentially deadly force. Even if he’d killed the burglar, it would be considered a “justifiable homicide.”

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