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Ex-Friends Try to Sever Brittany Rager's Fingers with Pruning Shears (Video)

Brittany Rager (pictured) claims that she was attacked with pruning shears by her close friend Shena Moore, Shena’s father Gerald Moore Jr. and Shena’s boyfriend John Gulley (video below).

According to Rager, Gulley sent her sexually-explicit text messages. Rager then told Shena Moore who blamed Rager and broke up their friendship.

“She was my right-hand girl. She was always a little too quick to fight, but she always had my back and was a good friend,” Rager told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

However, on May 5, Rager claims she was invited to a Mason, Ohio trailer where Shena Moore and Gerald Moore live in order to fix their friendship.

After Regar walked in, she says that Gerald Moore struck her with his cane, and then Shena Moore and Gulley pushed her to the floor.

“It was 1,300 pounds against 115 pounds,” recalled Rager. “I kept saying, ‘Please let me leave, I won’t call the cops.’ They just kept beating me.”

Shena Moore and Gulley allegedly tried break Rager’s fingers, but then opted to cut them off with pruning shears.

“Shena put my pinkie in [the shears] and said this all could have been avoided if I had just not told her that her boyfriend was cheating on her," Rager said. “It was like being in a ‘Saw’ movie.”

Rager somehow fought her way out of the trailer, and while her fingers survived, she suffered a cut on her forehead and a skull fracture.

The trio of alleged attackers were recently indicted by a grand jury on charges of felony kidnapping and felonious assault.

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer


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