Ex-Cop Ron Johnson To Be Honored With Party Despite Alleged Racist Comments About Trayvon Martin Case (Video)

A Florida police department plans to throw a party for an ex-cop who allegedly made a racist comment about the Trayvon Martin case and resigned because of the accusation.

Lt. Ron Johnson is accused of making a derogatory comment about African-Americans during a shift meeting about the anniversary of Martin's death. He reportedly said, "This is why they should be drowned at birth."

Winter Park police will honor Johnson with a police-funded party at the local public safety building. He retired last month while being investigated by internal affairs.

Local resident Kimberly Williams is not a big fan of the idea of throwing a party to acknowledge Johnson. "It's like – let's just wipe over that he didn't do that and honor him," Williams said.

City spokeswoman Clarissa Howard said the party is not open to the public and that every retiring officer has a reception. The party will be held on Thursday.

A video about the story is below:

Sources: WFTVThe Orlando Sentinel


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