Ex-Cop David Warren Cleared At Retrial For Shooting Henry Glover After Hurricane Katrina


A former New Orleans police officer has been acquitted of the post-Katrina shooting of an unarmed Black man in a strip mall.

David Warren, 50, told reporters Wednesday night he was “almost numb” when a new jury delivered a not-guilty verdict.

“It’s a wonderful, joyous feeling, but I’m almost numb at the same time,” Warren said. “I’m so very pleased.”

Warren was charged with civil rights and weapons violations in the deadly shooting of Henry Glover on Sept. 2, 2005. Warren shot Glover while patrolling in an Algiers strip mall, just four days after Hurricane Katrina.

Two years after being convicted and sentenced, an appeals court granted Warren a new trial, ruling that the ex-NOPD officer was unfairly tried alongside four other officers charged with covering up the shooting -- included setting a car on fire with Glover’s body in it and abandoning it on top of a levee in Algiers, according to NOLA.com.

Warren does not deny shooting Glover eight years ago, but insists that he did nothing wrong and told reporters he “has no regrets.”

“I understand that to lose a child is a tragic situation,” Warren said. “I am a father. I have five children. I do understand what it is to be a parent. What I said during my testimony was, if my son were in that situation where Henry Glover were a police officer and my son were in that position… I understand completely the loss they feel as a family. To them, I can sympathize with the tragedy and loss.”

Warren and another officer, Linda Howard, were guarding a police station at the strip mall on Sept. 2, 2005 when Glover and another man pulled up in a truck.

Warren testified Monday that he feared for his life when he shot Glover because he thought he saw a gun in his hand. Prosecutors said Glover wasn’t armed or posed a threat.

Former officer Alec Brown said Warren told him shortly after the shooting that he believed looters were “animals” who deserved to be shot. Warren denied the allegation.

As Warren’s wife, Kathy, wept with joy upon hearing the verdict on Wednesday, Henry Glover, Patrice, cried so loudly that U.S. District Judge Lance Africk paused as he spoke to jurors, the Daily Mail reports.

“He was a good child,” she said of Glover. “That was my baby.”

Warren said he has no intent on returning to law enforcement and he and his family are “starting our lives almost in a sense over again.”

Sources: Daily Mail, NOLA.com, Associated Press


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