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Ex-Cop Arrested For Writing Fake Racist Letter

A former Connecticut police officer has been arrested for allegedly fabricating a racist letter.

Clive Higgins was arrested on Dec. 2 by the Bridgeport Police Department, accused of falsely reporting racial hatred in the department, Connecticut Post reports. He has been charged with second-degree falsely reporting an incident.

Higgins, a 13-year veteran of Bridgeport law enforcement, reportedly found the letter in his mailbox at the Bridgeport Police Department on Feb. 9.

The letter began and ended with "White Power," a termed coined by the white supremacists groups the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party in the late 1960s and 70s.

It was written on a city letterhead and was reportedly distributed throughout the police department.

The letter stated Higgins did not belong in the department, and went on to make negative comments about African-American police officers.

Higgins resigned from the department in July following questioning by investigators.

Lt. Lonnie Blackwell, president of the Bridgeport Guardians and who Higgins said told him to write the letter, was relieved from his position in the training academy.

Blackwell was put on administrative leave by Police Chief Joseph Gaudett.

“It’s disappointing,” Sgt. Charles Paris, head of the police union, told the Connecticut Post. “But hopefully this will clarify some questions about our membership. We have hard-working men and women in the department and our sole purpose is to protect the residents of the city of Bridgeport.”

According to a report by the city's Office of Internal Affairs, Higgins was approached by Blackwell to write the letter after winning a police brutality case earlier this year.

“It’s not easy looking at a superior officer,” Higgins said, according to the report. “He’s telling you to do things, somehow you feel like you want to do, but it’s almost like listen when you — if you do this, you gotta be in it all the way, you know, halfway, you have to be in it all the way, that’s how the approach was. You do this, you got to be all the way. So, like no turning back.”

Higgins is due to appear in court on Dec. 16.

According to The New York Times, minorities make up only a quarter of all police officers.

Sources: Connecticut Post, The New York Times / Photo credit: Connecticut Post

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