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Ex-Congressman: Some Amtrak Passengers Were 'Running Over People' To Get Out (Video)

Former Congressman Patrick Murphy described a harrowing scene on the Amtrak train that crashed last night in Philadelphia.

Murphy told CBS Philadelphia that he was in the cafe car, had his earplugs in and was doing some work when the train began vibrating violently and flew off the tracks (video below).

"I was on the left side of the train and everyone on the left side of the train basically all went over to the other side of the train, kind of headfirst over," Murphy recalled.

"There was a lot of blood, everyone was pretty banged up. A guy next to me was unconscious," Murphy added.

Murphy also told the 94WIP Morning Show:

Some people were just running over people just to get out, you know, it was like they were claustrophobic, they just didn’t, I don't blame them, but they were just, they just, when they saw all the light, they were just running out toward it, out of the train...

Murphy recalled lending assistance to his fellow passengers who were injured, and said, "My hats off to the Philadelphia police officers and fire fighters because they were there within minutes and there is no doubt in my mind they saved a lot of lives last night.”

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said that the train was going 106 mph on an area of tracks where the speed limit is 50 mph prior to flying off the rail, reports

The black box on the train will likely help the NTSB decide whether or not speed was a factor in the crash that killed seven people and injured over 200.

Sources: CBS Philadelphia,
Image Credit: CBS Philadelphia Screenshot


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