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Ex-Boyfriend Gets Out of Jail, Kills Cindi Santana at Calif. School

A California teenager is dead, stabbed to death allegedly by an ex-boyfriend at their high school. Now it turns out the boy was under arrest days earlier, but got out of jail.

Abraham Lopez, 18, is accused of stabbing 17-year-old Cindi Santana during lunch time at South East High School in South Gate just outside Los Angeles on Friday. She died later that day at a local hospital.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Lopez had been arrested earlier in the week for making criminal threats against Santana. He was released on $50,000 bail.

Police say Lopez stabbed Santana several times before a school official, an officer and a student subdued him. They all suffered minor injuries.

However, Santana's injuries were too extensive to save her.

"I was telling her just 'close your eyes and pray with me.' She was just like, 'I’m not ready to go,'" Santana's friend, Danielle Mendoza, who was with her when she died, told CBS. "She was crying. She was saying that 'it hurts so much' and she was basically screaming out, 'I loved you,'" presumably referring to Lopez.

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