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Police Say Ex-Boyfriend Killed College Freshman Allison Myrick

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Allison Myrick, 19, knew her ex-boyfriend was trouble. So much so that she obtained two orders of protection to keep him away from her. But a couple of pieces of paper could not shield Allison from the bullets and the sharp edge of a knife that he is accused of using to murder her.

According to a report in the Boston Globe, police in Shirley, Massachusetts responded to reports of a stabbing Saturday night. When they got there, they found Allison dead, with gunshot and stab wounds. Her ex-boyfriend, 19-year-old Robert Gulla, also had stab wounds, from an apparent suicide attempt.

“We are alleging that this is another troubling incident of domestic violence resulting in homicide, where the defendant is alleged to have fatally stabbed the victim, his ex-girlfriend, and then attempted to kill himself,” Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said in a news conference Monday afternoon.

Gulla, who is in critical condition, was arraigned at his hospital bed on first-degree murder charges. He is also charged with violating those orders of protection.

Sources say the couple broke up about a month ago.

Allison's grieving family released a statement, saying this senseless death highlights the pervasiveness of abusive relationships:

“Please take this as an example that this can happen to anyone. If you are in a situation that is in any way abusive, no matter how small it may seem at first, please ask for help. You cannot fix this yourself, and no matter how many times your abuser says that he has changed, you cannot trust that.’’

Jessica Cockett, one of Myrick’s closest friends, said she hoped the tragedy would raise awareness about domestic violence. “Her story is one that needs to be shared with every young girl or woman out there who thinks someone can change, and that it won’t happen again,” Cockett said. “You truly never know until it happens, and please if you’re ever put into any situation, no matter how little it is, get out.”

Cockett saw her friend for the last time several nights ago, before she went back to school. “I was just with her saying goodbye as she went back to Fitchburg State. I wish I held on a little longer, or said I love you 100 times."


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