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EVO and MAHLE Partner on 2-Cyl Range Extender for EVs

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In brief: MAHLE and EVO Electric are to collaborate on the development of a range extender engine for electric vehicles based on EVO's 2-cylinder design.

The word

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The current EVO design is a design meant for optimum cost, weight, package size, and installation flexibility. It's a 900cc twin-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine (ICE) that puts out about 30kW at 4,000 RPM. Integrated onto the engine is an axial flux generator as part of the crank case, making for an all-in-one module for range extension.

The engine meets Euro 6 requirements and consumes only 240g/kWh (at minimum).

The design is currently undergoing development testing at MAHLE in the UK and will be installed into a test vehicle this year.

The purpose of the engine motor's axial flux design, which uses a disc-like rotor sandwiched between a stator, is to give higher torque density, better cooling, and higher efficiency and overload capacities.

The engine itself is designed to be installed at any angle (vertically or horizontally) giving it better flexibility for installation options. The entire unit weighs only 70kg.

And so ...

A very cool and interesting design that could be used for both OEM and after market installs.

Photo credits: MAHLE


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