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Everyone Is Burning Themselves Doing The Boiling Water Trick. Please Stop.

The United States is a cold, cold place right now. Even today, many areas of the country are still stuck in sub zero temperatures with wind chills down in the -40’s. Perhaps all of this cold weather is messing with everyone’s heads, because people have decided to do some really stupid things in it.

Take the boiling water trick, for example.

Some genius discovered that tossing a pot of boiling water out into frigid air creates a misty cloud of snow.

Check it out:

The only problem with boiling water, of course, is that it can burn you. Duh. Since this boiling water trick has caught on, you knew it was only a matter of time until people started accidentally tossing boiling water all over themselves. It didn’t take long. People all across twitter and instagram  have posted pictures in recent days showing off their sweet burn marks and sharing emergency room stories. The LA Times counted over 50 reports on Monday and Tuesday of people burning themselves from the trick. Here are a few of the Tweets

  • "Blayne and I just did the boiling water thing and I accidentally threw all the BOILING water against the wind and burnt myself."
  • So I did the thing where you make snow and not all the boiling water froze and now my head is burned."
  • "Tried throwing boiling water in the air. Burnt my hand.”
  • "So I did that boiling water snow thing but the wind whipped it back at me and my hands are STILL burning lol I can't hold anything."
  • "so my mom threw boiling water outside and she threw it on herself and burnt herself."

And of course, people are posting pictures of their boiling water fails as well. Check these out:

Image placeholder title

And another:

Image placeholder title

Dear people of the esteemed nation of ‘Murica:

We’re better than this. Please stop throwing boiling water.

Sources: LA Times, Slate


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