Hunting Dog Finds Missing 3-Year-Old Boy


Thanks to a local hunting dog, a mother was reunited with her missing child.

In Florien, Louisiana, three-year-old Eli Alcock went missing one night in February 2015, as reported by KPLC TV.

"Imagining never seeing him again...never hearing him again,” said Lindsy, Eli’s mother. “Just the reality of what was happening...I mean it was hard.”

Alcock reached out to her local community to help in the search for her son.

"That's when we kind of started freaking out and called the sheriff's department and got on Facebook and asked people to come and help and look," she said.

Doug Downs, owner of a hunting dog named Honey, was one of the people contacted to lend a helping hand. Honey has a good reputation due to her sharp sense of smell.

Downs was determined to help, even though he admittedly thought that it was unlikely his dog could sniff out Eli.

"The pressure was on because you're asked to come do something that you've never done before," Downs said.

After hours of the community-wide search, the dog actually found the three-year-old, unharmed in the forest.

"Of course I was ecstatic,” Alcock said. “I was thanking God and it was so amazing... everybody was hugging.”

“The good Lord was watching over us that night,” Downs said. “... he showed up through a four-legged dog and he showed us his power that night and that's really where all the credit it due."

In February 2010, a family dog was credited with saving the life of a little girl.

In Cordes Lakes, Arizona, three-year-old Victoria Bensch wandered away from her home and got lost in the mountains, as reported by New York Daily News. Fortunately, the family dog was with her, as temperatures dropped below 30 degrees.

About 15 hours after she was reported missing, a helicopter spotted the girl and the family’s Queensland heeler, Blue.

"The dog kept her alert, warm and gave her companionship throughout a very cold night,” said Dwight D’Evelyn of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. 

Sources: KPLC TV, New York Daily News / Photo credit: KNBC News

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