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Ever-Charming Kid President Makes Video Full Of Advice For Newborns (Video)

YouTube sensation Kid President is at it again.

Kid President – also known as 10-year old Robby Novak – has been a busy little guy since achieving internet stardom last year. He’s met the president, been named a TED inspirational speaker, and interviewed the likes of Beyonce, Andrew WK, and Josh Groban.

He jokingly calls himself “the voice of a generation.” Given what he’s done so far in life, he might be on to something. But the Kid President didn’t get to where he is today without some good advice from those around him. A recent video of his wants to share some of that help.

In collaboration with YouTube channel SoulPancake, Kid President put out a video titled “Kid President’s Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here.” The video is full of heartwarming advice from this wise-beyond-his-years boy to newborns everywhere.

He explains the phenomenon of breathing, the odd tradition of high fives (“high-fives are like hitting someone who is your friend”), the reality of good days and bad days, and much more. He encourages everyone to take lots of “brain pictures” as they journey through this thing called life.

This is Kid President at his best. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this charming young man yet, prepare to be enamored:

Source: YouTube


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