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Minnesota Governor: Man With Anti-Muslim License Plate 'Should Be Ashamed' (Video)

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is working to revoke custom license plates with an offensive message on them.

According to the DPS, a man from Foley, Minnesota, ordered license plates that read “FMUSLMS," KMSP reports.

After a photo of the plates taken by a high school student was shared online, the DPS said plates should “never have been issued,” adding that the message is “offensive and distasteful.” The high school student reportedly snapped the photos during the weekend of Feb. 19.

“We are in the process of revoking and taking possession of the plates today,” the DPS said in a statement, according to KMSP. “The Department of Public Safety apologizes for this error. The Driver and Vehicle Services Division is reviewing its process for approving personalized license plates today and will immediately provide additional review and oversight of applications.”

The DPS confirmed that the plates were ordered by a Foley man in June 2015. 

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Democratic Gov. Mark Daytonof innesota released a statement about the incident.

“I am appalled that this license plate was issued by the State of Minnesota,” Dayton said. “It is offensive, and the person who requested it should be ashamed. That prejudice has no place in Minnesota.”

Sources: KMSPKMSP via YouTube / Photo Credit:KMSPvia YouTube Screenshot

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