Mother Complains About 'Inappropriate' Homework Question Regarding A 'Very Fat Kid'


A Kentucky mother is taking her child out of the school district due to an “inappropriate” homework assignment.

Melissa McIntyre of Bellevue, Kentucky, posted a portion of her child's homework assignment on Facebook.  One question discussed a “very fat child” who “probably had trouble sharing a seat” at the movies.

According to WCPO News, teachers at the school stated the assignment was for a reading comprehension class. The assignment in question discussed going to the movies during the Great Depression era. Toward the end of the article, the story explained the way in which children who did not have much money could also attend the movies.

“In the early days, if you go back far enough, it only cost five cents to go to the movies for the entire afternoon. A child who didn’t have a nickel often went with a friend. Two children were allowed to sit in the same seat without paying twice. Sharing a seat was a good way to save money if you were a skinny kid.”

Therefore, since sharing a seat was a way to save money for “skinny” children, one of the questions wanted students to infer what would have occurred if a child who wanted to go to the movies was significantly overweight.

A very fat child probably: (a) disliked most movies. (b) never ate any popcorn. (c) had trouble sharing a seat. (d) went to movies on Fridays

“This is a worksheet that was sent home by teachers of 3rd grade students,” McIntyre wrote on Facebook. “Very inappropriate! This makes me so sad.”

Bellevue Superintendent Rob Smith told WCPO that they had not received any other complaints aside from McIntyre’s post on Facebook. Nevertheless, teachers sent a statement to the parents to apologize for the poor choice in classroom materials.

“We recognize that portions of the passage and the comprehension questions used were inappropriate and disturbing,” they wrote. “You can trust that we will be diligent in choosing materials used with your children. Like you, we only want the best for our students.”

McIntyre is reportedly moving her child to another school district.

According to Great Schools, if parents believe their child’s education and well-being are suffering, they are advised to take action to ensure the best possible environment for the student.

Sources: WCPO News, Great Schools / Photo Credit: WCPO News

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