New York Prisons to Allow Gay Conjugal Visits


I’m sure that people will make a lot of crude jokes about this development (“as if they weren’t getting enough of that in prison already!” and the like), but I myself will refrain that sort of unsophisticated, frat boy sense of humor.

The New York Post reports today that “The state Department of Correctional Services is rewriting its rules for inmates’ conjugal visits in the wake of last week’s historic legalization of gay marriage.

“Gay inmates married in New York will be allowed to receive the same conjugal visits — officially called “family reunions” — that their married heterosexual cellmates enjoy, officials said.”

I suppose that does not mean much to those already in prison, as they would have had no chance to legally marry their partner. Guess they’ll have to make do in that already homosocial environment.

“Gay inmates were also made eligible for furloughs if their spouse or civil union partner was terminally ill, a privilege granted to heterosexual couples.”

Another small victory for the gays.

“There is one pending conjugal-visit application from a married lesbian inmate at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester, according to department spokesman Peter Cutler.”



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