Evangelical Group Says It Will ‘Cure’ HIV At Minnesota Pride Festival

A Minnesota evangelical group claims its representatives will cure HIV and AIDS at the Twin Cities Pride Festival this weekend.

Trinity Works said it will attend the pride festival Saturday and Sunday and 300 “outreach” workers will carry out “Humility 2014.”

The group’s founder, Steven Uggen, said he had a vision from god which told him to heal homosexuals with HIV.

“My journey into the heart of God around the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community started about five years ago,” Uggen told a group of worshipers at Bethany Church in late April, according to The Column.

He said that healing those with HIV will allow homosexuals to leave “the lifestyle” and turn to Christ.

“One of the words we got out of this outreach, the Lord really wanted to demonstrate his goodness to this community by releasing healing of HIV and AIDS, so we believe we’re going to see people healed of HIV and AIDS and we’re just, we’re carrying that word of the Lord into this outreach,” he told a Robbinsdale church in April.

He instructed followers to tell festival-goers: “Here’s what I want you to do: go to your doctor, get tested for HIV or AIDS and when you come back negative, you’ve got a decision to make whether you’re gonna serve the God who just healed you.”

“[And] then give them some gospel materials that they can take with them and encourage them to call on us and let us know, and I’m confident that we’re going to have people healed of HIV and AIDS that are going to be contacting us,” he said.

“This is a strategy that God wants to use, so the very fruit of their sin is what he wants to, like, take away to show them his kindness and his goodness,” he added. “I mean it’s just totally Jesus. I mean it’s like totally his way, so we’re excited about that.”

Sources: PinkNews, The Column


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