Evan Dorsey Arrested for Burglary, Carrying a 'To-Do' List Full of Crimes

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Police in Boston have arrested a man for burglary and found a criminal "to-do" list which included goals like finding crystal meth, getting a gold watch, robbing a drug dealer, selling drugs and doing one act of kindness for a stranger.

Evan Dorsey, 25, was arrested on Friday after he broke into a home on Manoment Road and stole insulin from a UPS package.

Authorities were alerted about Dorsey when he started going door-to-door saying he wanted to conduct a survey about opening up a marijuana dispensary.

When he was arrested, police found he was carrying dozens of jewelry pieces, several tools for prying open doors and a baton-like weapon called a black jack.

He was arrested for breaking and entering, stealing drugs and carrying a dangerous weapon.

His "to-do" list was titled "goals for Friday 3/24/13," though the date was actually the 22nd.

His uncle told a local news station that he was addicted to drugs.

"It's madness. The heroin addiction around here. Yes, he's having problems with drugs," his uncle said.

On his Facebook profile, he explains that he spent last year living at a facility for people addicted to drugs and alcohol called "New Hope." 

Dorsey updated his Facebook status when he moved into the half-way house in February 2012.

And when he was released later in the year, he started soliciting drugs online.

A friend commented to say that he should find an honest job, to which he replied, "kid I've been trying to since I got out I've applied everywhere don't knock my hustle I'll get u whatever you want half price."

He is now in jail and held on $5,000 bail. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Patriot Ledger


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