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ESPN Radio Host Danny Kanell Tells Broncos To Hit Tom Brady Late (Video)

ESPN radio host Danny Kanell advised the Denver Broncos to take some late hits on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the "Russillo & Kanell" show on Jan. 22 (video below).

Kanell and his co-host Ryen Russillo were talking about the upcoming AFC Championship Game on Jan. 24, reported

Kanell stated:

I didn’t even think about this until just now. I think they have to have two personal foul calls, like 15-yarders against Brady. They’ve been talking about him crying, I almost feel like this is the type of game where you have to send a message like in the first and second quarter, in the first half.

Hit him a couple of times when it’s a little past the whistle. Let him know you’re around. Get those knock downs, get those hits on him, make him aware that you’re coming after him.

In the YouTube clip posted below, Russillo misses what Kanell is advocating, continues with his own analysis, and asks, "You think you're gonna get a flag on Brady for crying?"

Kanell replies: "No! I’m saying you’re gonna take a hit, you’re going to hit him late and you’re going to get a flag called on you for hitting him late."

Russillo then tries to confirm that Kanell is advocating that the Broncos hit Brady late.

"Yeah, where you're like in the first half, you know what, if it’s close and you can get a good, I’m not saying dirty, but questionable,” Kanell adds.

There is an awkward pause, and Russillo asks, "So, on the edge?"

"Yeah, you gotta push the envelope," Kanell says. "I would almost challenge them to be like, you know what, you get a 15-yarder, it's no big deal in the first half. Draw a line somewhere, but say, 'We have to send a message.'”

"That makes sense," Russillo replies in the video.

In December 2015, Kanell mocked an op-ed in The New York Times written by a medical examiner who called for an end to kids under 18 playing football because of traumatic head injuries, noted The Big Lead.

Kanell tweeted: "The war on football is real. Not sure source but concussion alarmists are loving it. Liberal media loves it. Doesn't matter. It's real."

Sources:, Twitter, The New York Times, The Big Lead, YouTube / Photo credit: ESPN Radio via YouTube screenshot

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