ESPN Host Michael Wilbon Says He Uses N-Word 'Every Day' (Video)


During a Nov. 14 broadcast, ESPN hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser discussed Los Angeles Clippers Matt Barnes' recent tweet, which was posted after an altercation between Barnes and Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma Thunder.

According to ESPN, Ibaka pushed Clippers forward Blake Griffin, which prompted Barnes to shove Ibaka in the chest.

Griffin got a technical foul, but Ibaka and Barnes were ejected. After his ejection, Barnes, who is black, tweeted:

I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these N-----s! All this s--t does is cost me money.

Barnes was fined $25,000 for his tweet, which he deleted, noted, but has his defenders.

On ESPN, Wilbon, who is also black, stated, "People can be upset with me if they want, I, like a whole lot of people, use the N-word all day, every day, my whole life."

"I have a problem with white people framing the discussion for the use of the N-word," added Wilbon, notes (video below).

He even compared commissioners of the NBA, MLB and NFL to plantation owners who decide whether or not black people can use the N-word.

"Matt Barnes, there's no apology needed," Charles Barkley said on TNT's NBA Tip-Off show. "I'm a black man. I use the N-word. I'm going to continue to use the N-word with my black friends, with my white friends. They are my friends."

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