ESPN Censors Bomani Jones' Cleveland Caucasians Shirt


Popular ESPN host Bomani Jones was censored on television for wearing a t-shirt with the word "Caucasians" on it.

The uproar all started when Jones was filling in for one of the hosts on ESPN’s "Mike and Mike"and wore a Cleveland Caucasians shirt depicting a white man with a dollar sign on his head instead of a feather – clearly mocking the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo logo.

Sources said that “ESPN freaked out” and asked Jones to cover up his shirt halfway through the show. Jones cooperated and zipped part of his hoodie to hide the image, reports Deadspin.

The shirt was created by Shelf Life Clothing and has been around for a while, but was suddenly thrust into the spotlight, according to Yahoo Sports.

The incident has gone viral, angering many white people on Twitter.

Sullisull writes: “way to get your name out there. Hope you make money off us Caucasians. Your shirt is fire your takes suck.”

Skinsweekly says: “[wears] a $ Caucasians shirt so he can get publicity and get more $ from Caucasian audience. Interesting.”

But there has also been overwhelming support for Jones’ statement attire.

Twitter user Breet Thompson writes: “Your shirt in a word "BRILLIANT" Just bought one, love the statement it makes subtle, yet loud..”

InGeeWeTrust says: “nice shirt I like the statement [you're] trying to represent.”

At first, Jones’ response to the uproar was that he wore it because “it was clean,” but then he went into the deeper meaning behind his action.

Jones said, “The reason they won’t get rid of Chief Wahoo, which is completely indefensible, is they could still sell stuff with it. They can say they’re gonna de-emphasize it, but they’re not just gonna set money on fire.”

“I thought [the shirt] was the exact same thing, and I could see the value in the design, so I was like, hey, we might as well give this a run.”

“The statement is obvious. This [shirt] is the same thing. What we have here, this is the same thing that goes on with the logo for the Cleveland Indians, right?

“So, to have a problem with the logo of this, would be to have a problem with the Indians, but if you’re quiet about the Indians, and you got something to say about my shirt, I think it’s time for introspection.”

Sources: Deadspin, Yahoo Sports / Photo credit: Deadspin

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