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ESPN Announcers Deny Global Warming Science Because of Cold Winter (Video)

According to several conservatives and evangelist Pat Robertson, cold weather during the winter somehow discounts the science of global warming and climate change.

This non-scientific theory has been repeatedly debunked by science, but that didn't stop two ESPN announcers from jumping on the bandwagon last night, noted (video below).

During a broadcast of the Tennessee and LSU basketball game, ESPN's Brad Nessler stated how the weather was cold in Baton Rouge, La. during the middle of winter.

“I saw two guys today on a national talk show, they were arguing whether or not global warming was still taking place,” added ESPN's Jimmy Dykes. “I only listened to 30 seconds of it, but the guy saying, ‘No, it has not,’ I think he won the debate. Seriously, like, is this on?”

Nessler added: “I was talking to my brother in Minnesota before tip-off. It’s about 50 below wind chill there, so there’s no global warming in that part of the country.”

Apparently, Nessler and Dykes are unaware that global warming science in based on decades of temperature trends (not isolated events), which do show the earth warming, reported The Guardian.

The ESPN announcers also failed to mention that it is not winter everywhere on earth. In Australia, it's actually summer with record breaking heat as high as 120 degrees, noted New Scientist.

A "polar vortex" is bringing the cold weather into North America via the Arctic, reports NPR and CNN.

According to a recent report on climate change from the National Academy of Sciences, more evidence of global warming's effects are the coral reefs that are dying out due to the warmer than usual ocean water.

Finally, The New York Timesreports that "97 to 98 percent of working climate scientists accept the evidence for human-induced climate change."

However, Dykes recently denied global warming again on Twitter: "God is in control of our climate. He does not make mistakes. Plus it's 3 degrees where I stand right now : )"

Of course, there's no actual verses in the Bible that claim weather cannot be affected by the action of human beings, or that every instance of weather is specifically controlled by God at every second.

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