Escaped Convict Captured After Idaho Homeowner Shoots Him (Video)

An escaped convict has been apprehended after an Idaho homeowner shot and wounded him.

Roy Bieluch, 48, had escaped from the Shoshone County Public Safety facility in Wallace, Idaho, on Tuesday during cleaning duty by slithering across crawl space above the jail ceiling and then fleeing on foot through the facility’s front door via a cleaning closet exit in the lobby.

A manhunt had been ongoing since his escape throughout Northern Idaho.

Brian Becker, a local homeowner and former Marine, discovered Bieluch on his property hiding behind a tree Thursday evening and called 911. He then ordered the escapee to stand in place. When he instead approached him, Becker fired a single round using a handgun, Shoshone County Sheriff Mitch Alexander said.

Bieluch was struck in the leg and transported by ambulance to the Shoshone Medical Center in Kellogg where he received treatment.

A jail in Kootenai County is holding Bieluch and he will be arraigned there on charges stemming from his escape.

Sheriff Alexander applauded Becker for his actions.

"I support the homeowner in what he did 100 percent," said Sheriff Alexander.

According to KTVB, a believed accomplice, Rachel Johnson, was taken into custody Wednesday as the manhunt ensued.

Johnson claimed to have not seen Bieluch but when she learned how he escaped through a cleaning closet she said, “Go Roy.”

Sheriff Alexander has admitted that the decades-old Shoshone County Public Safety facility does not meet current standards for security and modifications to the jail over the years did not solve all deficiencies.

A local contractor reported to the jail Friday to seal off possible areas where one may make an escape.

Sources: Huffington Post, KTVB, JRN / Photo Source: KTVB


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