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Escaped Arizona Convict John McCluskey Caught

A man who escaped from a prison in Arizona three weeks ago and was the subject of a nationwide manhunt has been caught. John McCluskey and his girlfriend were captured at an Arizona campground Thursday night.

A forest ranger spotted the couple and called police. When they arrived, police say the woman, Casslyn Welch, pulled a gun. But she quickly dropped it when she saw she was outgunned by SWAT teams, said David Gonzales, U.S. marshal for Arizona

McCluskey was in a nearby sleeping bag and taken into custody without incident. Other weapons were found at the campsite, and authorities said that McCluskey expressed regret at not having killed the forest ranger who led to their capture.

"The nightmare is over, but it is still continuing. There's a lot more for law enforcement to do," Gonzales said, referring to investigations into crimes the pair may have committed while on the road, including the murder of a couple in New Mexico.

"We want to tie them to as many crimes as we can," Gonzales said. "We want to ensure that the New Mexico murders are looked at carefully, working with those agencies. And if there are any more crimes that were committed while they were out, we want to make sure we tie those to them."

McCluskey and fellow inmates Tracy Province and Daniel Renwick escaped from the prison near Kingman Arizona on July 30.

Renwick was captured two days later in Colorado, and Province was found in Wyoming on August 9th. Police say Welch helped them following the escape.

Before Thursday, the last confirmed sighting of McCluskey and Welch was on August 6th Montana.

Said Arizona Corrections Department Director Charles Ryan, "I hope the citizens of Arizona and the nation can rest easier this evening."


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