Erin James Celebrates End of DUI License Suspension by Getting Another DUI

A woman from Brookfield, Ill. was arrested for a DUI after she was out celebrating the end of her license suspension for receiving a DUI in 2012. 

Erin James, 58, was forced to surrender her license to the state again.

Riverside Police Department said James was stopped at 2 a.m. on Friday. She was given a breathalyzer test at the department and showed a blood alcohol level of 0.155 percent.

James was first arrested for a DUI in 2012 in North Riverside. On Friday, she said she was out celebrating the return of her license.

Police Chief Tom Weitzel said James was not driving a car that had a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, though she was required to. A BAIID is a type of breathalyzer that is installed on the dashboard of a car. The driver has to breathe into the device before they are able to start the engine.

Weitzel said the fact that she did not have a BAIID indicated that she planned to get drunk that night and drive.

"The fact that she was driving a vehicle not equipped with a BAIID shows that she had every intent of drinking and getting behind the wheel," he said.

James is set to appear in Central Bond Court today.

Sources: Inquisitr, MSN


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