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Eric Hodgson Pleads Guilty To Fraud, Forfeits $10K Of Star Wars Memorabilia

A California man who pleaded guilty to defrauding the Department of Transportation out of nearly $1.9 million is going to lose his two residences, two cars and retirement accounts. But that is not the worst of it — Eric Hodgson is also being forced to give up a collection of Star Wars memorabilia worth more than $10,000 as part of his plea deal. He is facing a nine-year prison sentence.

Hodgson, 43, was charged 22 counts of grand theft after the California DOT hired him to publish ads for construction contracts in local newspapers. Hodgson had other ideas.

"He instead used the money to pay off a mortgage, make purchases of toys and comics and pay for exotic trips for him and his company staff," said State Attorney General Kamala Harris' office in a statement.

According to Nick Pacilio, a spokesman for Harris, the collection will now go up for auction, Reuters reported. Amongst the items in the collection is a 3-foot-tall rubber statue of Yoda with a robe and wispy hair.

Sources: Reuters, NBC Los Angeles


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