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Eric Brandon Gets Life Sentence For Fatally Shooting Stepson Over Loud Video Games

A Georgia man has been sentenced to life in prison after shooting and killing his stepson over video games that were too loud.

Mail Online reports that the jury needed less than half an hour to reach a verdict on 48-year-old Eric Brandon, who was accused of killing 16-year-old Alex Koser in February of 2012.

Brandon reportedly fired three shots at the teen, striking him twice in the chest and once in the body, after complaining that his video games were too loud.

Koser was playing video games in his family’s home when Brandon asked his stepson to stop making so much noise, according to police and court testimony, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. However, it wasn’t quiet enough for Brandon, who got a 12-gauge shotgun and shot the teen three times.

Following the shooting, Brandon reportedly called 911 and told operators he had shot his stepson, District Attorney Paul Howard said. After he was arrested and placed in a police car, Brandon boasted about the killing and stated he hoped the boy was dead, according to the DA. Koser died at the scene.

Mail Online also reports that according to posts on the stepfather’s Facebook page, seen at the time of the shooting, he appeared to be undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

On Feb. 9, just days before the Feb. 12 shooting, he posted: “Dealing with cancer, unruly teens, a homeless teen....and bills out the whazoo! So many nights I never sleep...I just lay there...all I can do...but I just keep trying. I’m a man with a broken heart...and almost no spriit [sic] left.”

On the night before the shooting, another post on his Facebook page reportedly read: “Flipping out! Our oldest pulled another stupid move. I’m really losing my patience!!!!”

Sources: Mail Online, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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