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EPA Climate Report Shows Evidence of Global Warming All Around Us

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By Dan Lashof

EPA released an achingly beautiful report today compiling 24 indicators of climate change. Starting with basic data on emissions and the rising concentration of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere the report covers changes in the air, water, land, and ice that define our environment and that of all other living things.

I have seen most of these data before, but it’s extremely useful to have it all in one place and presented in a visually appealing—and appalling—fashion.  Over the last two decades scientists have patiently assembled the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle into a crystal clear picture of how our planet is changing. Professional climate science deniers will continue to focus on the handful of pieces that have been misplaced or lost under the sofa, but for everyone else there is no denying that this picture spells trouble.

Take, for example, the data on heavy rains (p.30), ocean heat content (p.36), glacier volume (p.48), and bird wintering ranges (p.66).

One heck of a conspiracy would be needed to get all of these completely independent data sets to point in the same direction.

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