Environmental Tax Could Raise Your Energy Bill by $3,100


If some members of Congress have their way, your household energy bill will go up by $3,100.

Even President BarackObama admitted this proposal will cause the price of your energy to “necessarily skyrocket.
Last Friday, Newt testified
at the House Energy and Commerce Committee against this proposed
massive, job-killing energy tax, which is often called cap-and-trade.
(Watch his full testimony here).

The highlight of Newt's testimony was this exchange with Representative Waxman where he argued we shouldn't punish Americans with new energy taxes:

The Waxman-Markey
bill is essentially a tax on energy companies and other industry that
is passed down to every American in the form of higher energy costs and
higher costs for anything produced with energy (i.e., food, clothing,
entertainment, etc.).

Chairman Emeritus of the Committee John Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, said during the hearing, “No one in this country realizes that Cap-and-Trade is a tax, and it’s a great big one."

The effort to raise the price of your electricity is fierce and
relentless, but fortunately there is bipartisan resistance to this tax,
which according to several studies would cause 1.9 million Americans to lose their jobs.

Simply put, this energy tax is a threat to America’s global
competitiveness. The Energy and Environment subcommittee is determined
to move on this bill this week or next, so it is extremely urgent that
you take action and call you Congressman now.

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