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Entire Class of Eighth-Graders Going to Summer School Because DOE Lost Their State Reading Exams

An entire class of eighth graders in Brooklyn, N.Y., was told they would have to attend summer school after the Department of Education lost their state reading exams. The junior high class of 25 students was given letters barring them from graduating with their peers on Friday officials confirmed Tuesday.

The letter obtained by The Post from Principal Brenda Champion at Intermediate School 227 does not even mention that the DOE lost the kids’ exams, which they took back in April. Instead, it says the students failed.

“Your child’s performance on assessments … indicates that your child has not met the New York City Promotion Standard for English Language Arts,” the letter said.

“The Board of Education should take responsibility for losing our tests," said 13-year-old Mindy Tong to The Post. :It’s not fair that we have to give up our summer because of something that wasn’t our fault. My family has summer vacation plans, and it isn’t right that we might have to change them.”

“I was sure that I did well and that I was going to graduate," she added. "Now I’m unsure of everything.”

Monday the 13- and 14-year-olds learned they will have to attend summer school and pass a city-issued English exam in August in order to be promoted to ninth grade.

The DOE claims the letters were a mistake.

“We are communicating with these families that this letter should not have been sent due to the delay in scoring for this class’ [English] exams,” said spokesperson Erin Hughes. “The exams will be scored by [today], and families should receive the appropriate promotion communication before the moving up ceremony on Friday.”

Sources: NY Daily News, NY Post


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