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Enraged Wendy’s Customer Loses it Over Cheese on His Burger (Video)

If you did not know the difference between a hamburger and a cheeseburger, here is your chance to find out.

“I want my money back, I want my money back now, and I want it fast,” one customer said after he approached the drive-thru window of a Wendy’s after receiving what was very clearly the wrong order. “Double HAMBURGER — is there cheese in hamburger? There’s NO CHEESE IN HAMBURGER!” he said. “When you have a cheeseburger you have a cheeseburger, if you have a hamburger, you have hamburger.”

That was not the end of his rant. The poor drive-thru window employee ended up on the receiving end of much more.

The man goes on: “There’s not even bacon on this, there’s not onion on this — there’s not anything that I asked for. This is so incompetent. It happens every time I come here. I’m losing my s--- because this happened the past three times I’ve come. PLEASE, be competent. For once in your life, ONCE. Take an order, and FILL IT. God dammit.”

Perhaps he should try a dine-in restaurant next time. I mean, what does he expect after the third...fourth...fifth time wasn’t a charm?

Sources: Consumerist, Inquistr


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