Enraged Bikers Attacked Wife Of Assaulted Motorist, Says Good Samaritan Sergio Consuerga


A man who risked his own life to stop the beating of a motorist by enraged motorcyclists in upper Manhattan Sept. 29 says he jumped in when he saw bikers pulling the man’s helpless wife from the vehicle, apparently intending to beat her too.

“I know I’m going to be in danger, but I’m going to have to take a chance,” said Sergio Consuegra, who was honored for his heroism by New York City officials on Sunday.

Two other passers-by also helped stop the beating, which stemmed from an incident when Alexian Lien, while driving a black SUV, accidentally rear-ended one member of a large pack of motorcyclists who had swarmed around his vehicle.

The other people who intervened have not been identified.

A video of the incident gained nationwide attention and the case has remained in headlines ever since.

As the bikers surrounded his vehicle, Lien felt threatened and drove away, running over and seriously injuring another of the cyclists in the process. A group of the motorcyclists chased him, stopped the vehicle in the Washington Heights area of upper Manhattan and proceeded to assault Lien.

Consuerga (pictured) said he was walking to church that day when he saw the attack take place. He says he saw another of the bikers drag Lien's wife, Rosalyn Ng, from the SUV and shout, “You’re going to get it it, too!”

"He grabbed the lady by her arms real loud," the Good Samaritan said. But when a gathered crowd implored the biker not to hurt the woman, the assailant let her go.

Another biker was beating Lien with his helmet, but stopped when Consuerga jumped in and covered the fallen motorist with his own body.

"At that moment I said, 'Oh, I gotta do something, there's a family in danger here,'" said Consuegra at the Sunday press conference during which several New York officials commended him for his brave actions. “And they're gonna get killed. Nobody intervened in this situation and nobody stepping in."



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