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Engraved Rifles in Honor of JFK Assassination Stir Up Controversy

Former president John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. With the 50th anniversary of the shooting just a few months away, Colorado-based gun manufacturer, American Legacy Firearms, hopes to capitalize on the event with custom engraved rifles.

The so-called Dallas Heritage Rifle features an engraved image of the Kennedy Memorial set within a circular border and a ribbon with the memorial’s name.

Steve Faler, founder of American Legacy Firearms, brushed away concerns that the rifle might be in bad taste.

“You know, you think of significant things that have happened in Dallas … [the Kennedy assassination] is one of the most significant things I would ever remember," Faler said. "If I hurt someone’s feelings, I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna worry about it. It’s something that happened 50 years ago.”

This is not the first time Faler has sold commemorative guns after national tragedies. He also sold rifles after 9/11, which featured images of the Pentagon, the Twin Towers and a bald eagle. He added that he has donated more than $500,000 to victims’ families.

Faler also said he produced guns depicting scenes that are historically accurate, and events from history “are not always good.”

Those 9/11 rifles did not raise any eyebrows, but the Dallas Heritage Rifle is slightly different. After all, Lee Harvey Oswald used a rifle to assassinate the 35th president, which is not terribly unlike the ones that Faler is attempting to sell.

"It's just that it's on there, and the president was killed with that," said Texas resident Phil Bielamowicz. "It's just insensitive.”

What are your thoughts about the rifle? Do you see it as a perfectly harmless way to commemorate Kennedy? Or do you think that using a rifle as a canvas is in bad taste?

Source: WFAA 


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