English Teen Sarah Clerkson Hangs Herself, Friends Say Bullies Jealous Of Her Good Looks May Have Driven Her To It


A troubled teenage girl took her own life last weekend and her friends on a Facebook page set up in her memory say she was driven to it by merciless bullies jealous of her attractive appearance.

However, the factors that led to 14-year-old Sarah Clerkson’s heart-wrenching suicide at a friend’s party in the small northeastern town of Spennymoor early Sunday morning remain somewhat murky.

Police say they have no suspicions that the girl fell victim to foul play.

Her grandfather described the girl, who was living with foster parents, as “emotionally disturbed” but at the same time, having recently “turned a corner.” She reportedly had a habit of airing her social and relationship troubles on social media, and appeared to threaten suicide on her Facebook page just a day prior to actually going through with it.

She had earlier described being physically struck by another girl at her previous school, which led to her relocating to a new school district several miles away.

Sarah was at a small party hosted by a friend, 16-year-old John Moore, when she complained of feeling ill. Concerned friends at the gathering of six people put her to bed in a back bedroom of the house, but when they went to check on her shortly after midnight, they forced the door open only to find her hanging and unconscious.

Moore called an ambulance and attempted to administer CPR, following the instructions of a 999 operator, but it was no use. The girl was rushed to University Hospital of North Durham where she was pronounced dead.

The 999 emergency line in England is the equivalent of 911 in the United States.

David Chapman, 64, the girl’s grandfather, said that she recently switched schools, relocating from the city of Sunderland to Spennymoor, and moving in with a new set of foster parents.

“We thought things were starting to change for her,” Chapman told England's Daily Mirror newspaper. “The last month or two she’s been with her new foster parents, everything had been positive. However, to begin with there’d been a problem with her introduction into a new school. She was bullied for about a week.”

While Chapman said he thought the bullying had “blown over,” something disturbing was still very much on Sarah’s mind. The day before her death, she reportedly made what in retrospect is a chilling post on her Facebook page.

“Fuming honest to god might just end it there and then!” she wrote.

Even at the party, Sarah spoke of her troubles with relationships and appeared “upset about past experiences,” the party's teenage host said.

Moore admitted that alcohol had been used at the party, but he insisted that there were no drugs present.

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