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English Scientists Develop New Gadget That Measures How Quickly Person Is Aging

English scientists are developing a wristwatch-like device that would tell users how long they have left to live by employing laser technology.

The new gadget would tell people if they are aging faster than normal, and possibly encourage users to take better care of their bodies, according to the Mail Online.

Multiple people have already tried out a prototype of the device, which examine a person’s endothelial cells to gauge how many years he has left to live, according to the Daily Caller.

For example, the gadget might tell a user that he is on track to die in 20 years if he does not change his current lifestyle.

Professor Peter McClintock is one of the founders of the project for the new “death-watch” technology. McClintock said he thinks the device could encourage users to partake in healthier behaviors.

“You might think that you are aging too fast and do something about it,” he said. “You might improve your lifestyle, have fewer deep-fried Mars bars and go out for a run.”

The gadget is planned to be on the market in the united Kingdom in about a year. The device is projected to cost a few hundred pounds.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Mail Online


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