English Father, Munish Bansal, Captures Daughter's Daily Life Through A Camera Lens

A snap-happy father has photographed every single day of his daughter's life since she was born, and has 6,575 images in total.

From her first smile to her first tooth, Suman Bansal, who turns 18 years old on May 16, has had her daily life captured on camera.

Munish, 41, an accountant from Kent, England, has documented his daughter's every step since she was born in 1996, and with thousands of daily photographs formed a giant portrait as a birthday present, the Daily Mail reported.

(Photos: Munish Bansal/Rex Features)

"I decided to do this when my wife, Rita, I was pregnant,” Munish explains. “All I wanted was to see how my daughter has grown and changed through the years, because a baby changes a lot growing up and becoming a teenager, I wanted to see that change.”

“It is a big commitment,” he said, adding that he would usually take pictures in the morning before school.

The father wanted to do the same with his younger son Jay, but the boy lost interest when he was 15 years old.

“Being photographed every day just feels like any normal day as I have grown up with it my whole life,” Suman said.

But now that Suman is preparing to go to college to pursue a career as a nurse, the project may come to a natural end, Metro.co.uk notes.

She is all grown up and it may be time to finally complete the project at that point in her life.

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