Enfield, Connecticut to Place Armed Guards in Schools (Video)

After the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the National Rifle Association (NRA) said that schools should have armed guards.

Most schools are not adding weaponry to their campuses, but the Enfield, Connecticut town council on recently voted 5-4 for a memorandum that would place armed officers in schools beginning next school year, reports WTIC-TV (video below).

The cost of placing armed guards in all public schools is expected to be $650,000 for the first year and $500,000 for each of the later years.

The armed guards will be required to have experience in law enforcement, prison corrections, or the military, reports Courant.com.

"It's not OK to me to take no action at the expense, or the risk, of the kids out there," said board member Kevin Fealy Jr, but board member Joyce Hall claimed that armed officers will create a false sense of security.

The town council still must include money for the armed guards in its budget for fiscal year 2013-14.

About 30 people, including Enfield High School students, who oppose the armed officers in schools, held a protest outside the town hall last week.

The $26 an hour guards will be allowed to use "deadly physical force" to protect themselves or others, based on their judgement of the situation, which could open a whole new can of legal worms.

Sources: Courant.com and WTIC-TV


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