Endangered Bird Forces Town to Cancel 4th Of July Event (Video)

Duxbury, Mass., has decided to cancel its annual 4th of July beach bonfire because of the endangered piping plover bird, which has 24 nests on Duxbury Beach.

Duxbury's July 4th committee fears the birds' nests will get trampled by the estimated two thousand people who normally attend the beach event (video below).

“The plovers are federally protected. We have to follow the law,” Margaret Kearney, of the Duxbury 4th of July activities committee, told CBS Boston.

Apparently the same thing happened in 2013, but when the beach bonfire was moved to a school location few people came.

“It wasn’t successful. People come because it’s on the beach,” Kearney told WickedLocal.com. “We hire bands and stage and sound systems and arrange for food. We didn’t get enough of a crowd to support the cost last year.”

“There’s a great disappointed among many members of the committee,” added Kearney. “They have put a lot of effort into this beach party over a number of the years.”

Fortunately, residents can enjoy a couple of fun things that the bird hasn't ruined... yet.

“There’s still the parade and road race in the morning on the day of the Fourth,” said Kearney. “It is a fun weekend in Duxbury.”

Sources: CBS Boston and WickedLocal.com


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