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Police Officers Pool Own Money To Help Beat The Heat

With summer upon us, temperatures in some parts of the country are hitting unbearable highs. In Illinois, for example, temperatures have been reaching over 100 degrees recently.

Illinois' Rock Island Police Department is taking action to help their citizens deal with the excruciating heat. As KWQC reports, the RIPD has announced that they will be opening a neighborhood fire hydrant and handing out popsicles to help the locals stay cool.

The department has announced their new Cops and Freezer Pops Program, in which members of the police department pooled their own money together to buy freezer pops to hand out to children playing outside in the summer heat.

Hy-Vee also chipped in by donating popsicles to the department.

The officers will be patrolling the neighborhoods in Rock Island and handing out popsicles for as long as the extreme heat persists.

Sources: KWQCWQAD / Photo credit: WQAD

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