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EMTs Who Declared Woman Dead Prematurely Under Investigation

When EMTs Brittany Fragala and Oren Silvers found 32-year-old Diana Rodriguez lying in a pool of what was apparently her own blood in a Queens, New York, home, they couldn't find a pulse.

The pair declared Rodriguez dead and left her inside the home with NYPD officers, but about an hour later a patrol supervisor heard gurgling and wheezing, The NY Daily News reported. 

The EMTs returned to the home with a supervisor, and Rodriguez was transported to Jamaica Hospital where she later died.

A source told NY Daily News that the duo are now under investigation. Meanwhile, the Fire Department of New York has “restricted their patient access." “They can't work,” the source added.

At the time of the shooting, Rodriguez, who allegedly suffers from bipolar disorder, was on the phone with her boyfriend in Ohio when she threatened to kill herself. When he heard a gunshot, he called Rodriguez’s sister, who called 911, Gothamist reported.

Rodriguez’s sister, who declined to be identified, was upset about the incident. “I asked the [detective] why it took them an hour and a half to get to her to the hospital. They didn’t have an answer. He told me ‘I’m sorry I don’t really know.‘ He kind of brushed off the question,” she told the NY Post.

“If she had gotten the help sooner maybe she wouldn’t be in this condition and they would have been able to help her.”

Sources: The New York Times, NY Daily News, Gothamist, NY Post Image via NY Daily News

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