EMS Tapes May Prove Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman Wasn't Hurt


Bolstered by the support of "hoodie" rallies across the country, the family of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin has intensified pressure on law enforcement officials in Sanford, Florida to make an arrest of shooter George Zimmerman.

The Martins' legal team asserts that newly released EMS tapes prove that Martin never attacked Zimmerman and that Zimmerman was uninjured when police arrived at the scene of the shooting.

Zimmerman's defense has so far relied on his own uncorroborated account of the night in question wherein he identifies Martin as the primary aggressor. If records from emergency responders indicate that Zimmerman was unharmed after the shooting, it will shed serious doubt on his entire version of events.

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New EMS documents and an audiotape unearthed by New York's Daily News show that a second ambulance called to pick up Zimmerman from the scene of the shooting was subsequently cancelled.

"Do they have a second patient," an EMS worker asks in the audio.

"That's affirmative. There is a second patient," a woman's voice replies.

After a brief pause, a man comes back on the line and says, "You can cancel the second rescue." The ambulance was cancelled because Zimmerman had not been shot as was initially believed.

A spokesman for the Martin family said there was "not a chance" the EMS workers would have canceled the second ambulance if Zimmerman's account of a life-or-death struggle with the 17-year-old Martin had been in any way truthful.

In a description of the night of the shooting given by George Zimmerman's father, Robert Zimmerman Sr., and later reiterated by his brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., Trayvon Martin broke Zimmerman's nose and bashed his against the sidewalk. So far, no evidence has been released that shows George Zimmerman received any injuries before fatally shooting Martin.

These revelations cap off a bad week for the Zimmerman defense team. Last weekend, forensic voice experts concluded with 99% certainty that the cries for help recorded on a 911 call were Trayvon Martin and not Zimmerman. Earlier in the week, a funeral director determined that Trayvon Martin's body displayed no signs of struggle. The day before, police footage showed George Zimmerman just after the shooting without any discernible mark or bloodstain on his body.

These EMS records deal yet another blow to Zimmerman's credibility and his prevailing claim of self defense.

See a gallery of Trayvon Martin protest photos


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