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Employee Mistakes Chemical Cleaner For Cheese, Hospitalizes Customer

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A visitor at an Easthampton, Massachusetts restaurant immediately fell ill after consuming a chemical cleaner that had been sprinkled on the food. 

According to AOL, the powdered chemical had been removed from its original container and placed in an unlabeled one. An employee mistook the powder for grated parmesan cheese and added it to the customer’s food. 

The teen who consumed the chemical powder was quickly rushed to the emergency room and is currently recovering from the incident. 

The mistake took place at a restaurant called Riff’s Joint. Co-owner Jeffrey Cahill claims that the incident was a “gross human error.” 

Health Agent Jackie Duda informed the Daily Hampshire Gazette that she agreed with the owners regarding the accident. She also believes the incident was isolated. 

“I feel confident this won’t happen again. We feel it was a mistake. While we can’t pin down the employee or employees responsible, someone wasn’t following protocol,” said Duda.

The restaurant has held multiple meetings with staff in order to investigate the incident on their own, but they have not yet punished or fired any employees because they have not determined who is responsible. 

Duda has also claimed that she will not issue any violation against Riff’s Joint because the situation has been handled properly. She will, however, continue to investigate the chemical and its effect on the individual who ingested it.

Sources: AOL, Daily Hampshire Gazette


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