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Emmanuel Alfredo Tadeo Kills Dog, Beats Girlfriend with Dead Body

A Sandy Springs, Georgia, man has been arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty after kicking his girlfriend’s tiny Pomeranian to death during a domestic dispute.

Emmanuel Alfredo Tadeo, 27, was also charged with battery for then using the dead body of the pet to beat his 40-year-old girlfriend, Andrea Armintrout. According to MyFoxAtlanta, Tadeo is being held at the Fulton County Jail for trial on charges which have now been upgraded to felonies.

Sandy Springs police responded to a domestic violence call at a condo complex on Roswell Road, last month. They learned that what started out as a fight between Armintrout and her boyfriend turned into a violent and painful death for the woman’s 7-pound Pomeranian, named Cooper.

Police Captain Steve Rose told reporters, "The defendant in this case had taken the dog outside and was kicking their dog -- a Pomeranian -- and the victim picked the dog back up and took it in. The man followed her in, took the dog back and literally kicked the dog to death."

When police arrived at the scene of the tragic  murder of the defenseless little dog, they took Tadeo  into custody. He was originally booked on animal cruelty and battery charges, according to Fox5.

However, on July 18, the Daily Mail reports the charges have been upgraded to felonies for aggravated assault, aggravated battery and cruelty to animals; and Tadeo is again behind bars. .

"The animal was a small animal, totally defenseless; it's just a very, very cruel act. This kinda tops the chart as to how disturbing it was,' said Captain Rose.

Now the girlfriend, Andrea Armintrout, 40, is also facing obstruction charges for not cooperating with investigators.

Does that mean that she wants Tadeo back after he brutally kicked the life out of the tiny pup who trusted and depended on both of them? Fortunately, there was no report of children living at the location. 
Both suspects remained at Fulton County Jail as of Monday night, according to Fox5.



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