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Emma Stone's Golden Globe Makeup Had A Hidden Meaning (Photos)

Emma Stone's Golden Globe Makeup Had A Hidden Meaning (Photos) Promo Image

Actress Emma Stone's stylist has taken to Instagram to reveal the hidden meaning behind the star's stunning look for the 2018 Golden Globe awards. 

In light of the continuing revelations about sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of powerful men in Hollywood, this year's Golden Globes had a decidedly more feminist tone, with attendees wearing all black in solidarity with victims. 

Keeping in mind the tone of the evening, Stone's stylist, Rachel Goodwin, decided to create a makeup look inspired by the colors of the women's suffrage movement. She explained her inspiration in a Jan. 7 Instagram post. 

"Tonight my beauty inspiration came from the symbolic colors of the women's suffrage movement," Goodwin wrote. "I wanted to create a make up that would somehow be imbued with the message of female empowerment and solidarity." 

To explain the meaning behind the individual colors -- purple, white and green -- Goodwin quoted Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, a British women's rights activist of the early 20th century: "Purple as everyone knows is the royal color. It stands for the royal blood that flows through the veins of every Suffragette, the instinct for freedom and dignity, white stands for purity in private and public life ... and green the color of hope."

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In an interview with People, Goodwin explained how she arrived at the decision to use those three colors. 

"I thought, red lipstick was a color suffragettes wore, so I did more research and found that they also wore very specific, symbolic sashes, pins, petticoats and all these things in purple, emerald green and white when they were fighting for the right to vote," she said. 

"I wanted to give the beauty look that had more meaning to me that was far beyond mascara and lipstick," she continued. 

Goodwin said she took this different approach to Stone's makeup because the 2018 Golden Globes were different from any other red carpet event. 

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"Any other red carpet there's a sense of levity and light and kind of frivolity," she told People. "At the end of the day the woman needs to feel beautiful, but this one was really different because it did feel more meaningful. I wanted it to be a statement, still make her feel beautiful, but this night had a bigger meaning, and this was a different way of approaching it."

Commenters on Goodwin's Instagram post appreciated the stylist's subtle message. 

"Love your research inspiration," wrote one commenter. "Her makeup is extra gorgeous knowing the thought behind it." 

"How perfectly fitting and lovely and inspiring," wrote another. 

Sources: Rachel Goodwin/Instagram, People / Featured Image: pumpkincat210/Flickr / Embedded Images: Rachel Goodwin/Instagram (2)

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