Woman Attempted To Save Ducklings, Accidentally Killed Motorists


Emma Czornobaj, 26, just wanted to help some ducklings cross the highway in Candiac, Canada in July, 2010. However, it ended in tragedy when André Roy, 50, and his 16-year-old daughter, Jessie, slammed the motorcycle they were riding into the back of Czornobaj’s car, killing them both.

A Quebec Superior Court judge sentenced Czornobaj to 90 days in jail, to be served on weekends and has banned her from driving for 10 years. Czornobaj must also perform must perform 240 hours of community service, but her attorney told CBC that Czornobaj plans to appeal the driving ban. 

The defense agreed 240 hours of community service was a fair sentence, but argued for a suspended prison sentence with three years of probation, arguing Czornobaj lacked any criminal intent. Czornobaj has already filed an appeal of her conviction and has pleaded for lenience. The judge said he could not grant clemency in this case because Czornobaj didn’t seem to understand how dangerous her actions were and lacked remorse. 

Roy was speeding when he collided with Czornobaj’s vehicle, but he did attempt to stop the motorcycle before the collision. Czornobaj stopped in the left hand lane to pick up some ducklings who appeared to be crossing the busy road without their mother. She told jurors she planned to capture them and take them home with her. 

Czornobaj had three years of driving experience at the time of the accident. Pauline Volikakis, the wife and mother of the two victims, had said she wanted Czornobaj to receive a sentence that reflected the seriousness of her actions and their deadly consequences.

Source: CBC Image via CBC, Wikimedia Commons


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