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Elliot Rodger's Dad Says He Didn't See Mass Shooting Coming (Video)

Peter Rodger, the father of Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger, recently gave an interview to Barbara Walters, which will air this Friday on "20/20."

ABC News released a small part of the interview on "Good Morning America" today (video below).

“Every night I go to sleep, I wake up and I think of those young men and young women that have died and are injured and were terrorized when my son did that,” Peter told Walters in his first interview since the deadly massacre, noted

“When you go to sleep normally, you have a nightmare and you wake up and, ‘Oh, everything’s OK,’” added Peter. “Now I go to sleep, I might have a nice dream. And then I wake up and it’s, slowly, the truth of what happened dawns on me. And you know, that is that my son was a mass murderer.”

Peter, who was a second-unit director for "The Hunger Games" film, added, "There is no way that I thought that this boy could hurt a flea ... What I don't get is we didn't see this coming at all."

According to People magazine, Elliot's angry YouTube videos concerned his mother, Li Chin, enough to cause her to call a mental health hotline in April.

Police officers visited Elliot's apartment on April 30, but found that he was "not a danger to himself or anyone else," Santa Barbara Sheriff Bill Brown stated during a press conference on May 24.

KEYT notes that Peter privately met with Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher Michael-Martinez was one of the six students killed by Elliot, earlier this month.

Sources: ABC News,, People, KEYT


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